Breast enlargement surgery (breast augmentation)

A breast enlargement is a plastic surgery procedure which entails silicone breast implants being placed either behind the breast tissue or pectoral muscle with the aim of altering the size and shape of a woman’s breast.

A breast augmentation can increase small breasts, balance out differences between breast size or restore fullness and firmness which has been lost due to weight loss, pregnancy, age or disease.

Anyone considering a breast augmentation will find thorough information about the subject on this page. The content is divided into a series of articles which as a whole provide you with a good picture of the possibilities and limitations of breast enlargement surgery.

Here you will find all you need to know about breast enlargement:

  • If you are a suitable candidate for a breast enlargement and what results you can expect
  • Information about different breast implants as well as placement and incision alternatives
  • A description of the breast augmentation procedure and the probable aftercare
  • Facts about the risks which are associated with breast enlargement and pricing
  • Before and after pictures of breast augmentation and a breast enlargement discussion forum
  • The possibility of asking an expert about breast enlargements and clinic directory

Breast enlargement / Breast augumentation

Are you are a suitable candidate for breast enlargement surgery?

A breast augmentation can improve your appearance and your self-esteem, but it will not necessarily provide you with what you perceive as the ideal appearance or make others treat you differently.

The most suitable candidates for a breast enlargement are therefore women who are looking for an improvement rather than perfection. If you are of good physical and mental health and have realistic expectations of your breast augmentation surgery are most likely a suitable candidate.

Your options for a breast enlargement (breast augmentation)

For many women the prerequisites for spiritual well-being are that one is content with one’s body and therefore it is not so strange that breast enlargement is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. Each year hundreds of thousands of breast augmentations with breast implants are performed on patients around the world.

Since the first surgeries in the 60’s, the methods and materials of breast enlargements have developed considerably and today provide a very good basis for safe surgeries with good results. The fast development has however made the options surrounding a breast augmentation many. This can make decision making difficult.

This information page is compiled in order to help you further understand breast enlargements and all the options you have.

The content of these articles has been examined by Dr. Per Windh, a plastic surgeon specialist at Art Clinic. It is meant to support your decision surrounding breast augmentation surgery but cannot and shall not replace any discussion between you and a surgeon. Enjoy the read!

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