Ear correction surgery (ear operation for protruding ears)

An ear correction surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that aims at altering the ears size or shape. The most common aesthetical ear correction surgery is pinning back protruding ears.

Those of you considering ear correction surgery (otoplasty) will, on this page, find thorough information about the surgery possibilities and limitations. The content regarding otoplasty has been reviewed by Dr. Pelle Sahlin, a plastic surgeon specialist at Art Clinic.

The information about ear correction surgery is meant to provide a foundation to help you reach a decision regarding ear correction surgery, however it cannot and should not replace a consultation with a surgeon.

Here you will find all you need to know about ear operations:

  • Information about who is a suitable candidate for an otoplasty and the surgical procedure
  • Describe the after cycle following ear pinning and the possible risks involved
  • Discussion forum about ear correction surgery and the option to ask an otoplasty expert
  • Information about cost as well as before & after pictures and clinic directory for ear surgery

How ear correction surgery can affect one’s appearance

Ears are generally a less important part of our appearance since they are placed and shaped in a way that our surroundings do not notice them. However, many individuals are endowed with especially large and protruding ears.

People with divergent ears often feel that they are the first thing others notice, determining how the person is perceived. This can negatively affect the self esteem and in some cases (especially among children) lead to social problems.

Pinning down protruding ears or other ear operations can tone down their significance regarding others perception of oneself.

Generally, seriously protruding ears in children are treated with ear surgery at a young age. But there are also a vast amount of adults, who due to aesthetical reasons, choose to correct the ears congenital shape or damages to the ears through ear correction surgery.

Are you a suitable candidate for an ear operation?

Those that seek an ear operation can in general be divided into three groups. Within these groups you also find the patients that can expect the best result from the surgery.

  • Adults with protruding or deformed ears that have not been previously corrected
  • Individuals that have damaged the ear (ex. an ear that has got stuck and been ripped off)
  • Children/parents that wish to correct deformed or excessively protruding ears

It is recommended that parents to children with protruding ears are aware of the children’s feelings regarding his/her ears. The parents should not insist or force the child to undergo ear correction surgery until the child wishes to.

Children that themselves experience problems with their protruding ears and want to undergo ear surgery are more cooperative throughout the process and also more satisfied with the results of the operation.

An ear operation on children can be performed once the ear is fully developed, around 6-8 years of age.

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