Internet Marketing — An Introduction

Our age may very well go down as the age of the Internet. Almost everyone is online now. In 2012, Google announced that its search engines process 100 billion searches per month. This does not even begin to capture the numbers of users that also use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find new products.

So what does this mean? It means that by choosing not to have an internet presence, your business is closing itself off to literally billions of sales opportunities. But having an internet presence alone is not enough. By now, any successful business knows that it must be online to be successful, which makes for a lot of competition online. To compete, you need a strong internet marketing plan that can make your company stand out amongst your digital competitors.

Internet marketing can mean different things to different businesses. For the most part, internet marketing is about driving people to your website to increase your sales. Once you have driven those people to your website, the goal is usually to convert their visit into a sale by getting them to place an order with you. However, the goal might also be to at least make people aware of your business so that they think of you later when they make the decision to spend their money on whatever kind of product or service you are selling. While not every visit will turn into a sale, internet marketing aims to make people aware of your business and keep your business at the forefront of their minds.

The bottom line is that internet marketing can make your business more profitable. How? It drives people to your business literally while you sleep. While you are carrying on with your day, a successful internet marketing plan will have people streaming to your website, making online orders, or sharing your website with their friends on social media. With so many people turning to online shopping, having an internet marketing plan in place is critical to optimizing your company’s potential for success.

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